Monday, January 4, 2010

Burp Clothes

When Lula Mae was born a co-worker of mine gave us 6 beautiful burp clothes. Some with her name on them, some with her monogram and some with different things embroidered on them. They were so personal and gorgeous! Since I don't work at the YMCA anymore I decided I would try to make some cute burp clothes for this baby myself. I am not totally happy with the results, but I am my own worst critic. These don't look HALF as cute as Lula Mae's did, but this was my first try at this.

These three are done. I sewed ribbon border on 3 more and want to have them monogrammed. Unfortunately I don't have a machine that can do fancy things like that! I hope to save up for one in a few years though! I will post pictures of the others when I get them back.

Wondering what the "J" stands for? Well, I am going to make you wait just a few more days to find out! I will do a birthday post on January 12th that will tell what our little boy is going to be named and why! Stay tuned!


Texas Two steppers said...

Those are super adorable!!! Way to go!

Sarah said...

These are beautiful Amy! You did such a great job on them.

Amy said...

Thanks you two! It is so nice to make things instead of buying them!