Monday, January 11, 2010

ABC's With Lula Mae

About a month ago Lula Mae "graduated" her ABC learning! She can now, at 19 months old, recognize all 26 letters in any order! She is amazing! At 12 months she could recognize 19 letters so we have been working really hard to get those missing ones into her little brain :-) I don't want people to read this and think that we aren't "letting her just be a kid" and that we are "forcing her" to learn. She LOVES learning! Reading words, letter, numbers and colors is playing to her. When she sees me get out her note cards she dances around and gets excited and can't wait to play with me! I adore her zest for learning and I hope it continues! I also hope that teaching her to read now is really going to help out when we start pre-k with her here at home. The sound on this video isn't that great due to the fact that we have a poor quality camera. Hope you can hear it! Soon Charlie and I will be getting our new video camera so poor video quality will be a thing of the past! YAY! The video camera is one of the first "saved up for" purchase! I'm pretty proud of us for that! Opps I am way off track here! Enjoy the video!


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I am so proud of you and her and of course Charlie:-)*Tears*We miss you guys very much!!! She is so intelligent!!!