Monday, October 31, 2011

Tie Onesie And Tangle Spray

So Charlie has been gone for about a week and I am trying to find things to do to keep myself from going nuts! I have been recycling tons of things around my house to help with the before mentioned issue. Today I made Jayce a pillow case out of an old changing table cover and it turned out great! Why buy fabric when there are tons of reusable things around the house?

After that I made my own tangle spray for Lula Mae. With her curly hair it is a must! I took my old empty bottle of tangle spray and gave it a good rinse. Then I filled it up with water and added two small squirts of conditioner. After giving it a good shake it was ready to go. Just that easy!

The last thing I made tonight was a cute little onesie for Jayce. I took an old t-shirt and made a tie with some of the scraps. I sewed them on and ta-da, an outfit perfect for my handsome boy! I can't wait for him to wear it to church on Sunday!

Later this month I am going to tackle recovering the dining room chairs, if the budget allows. Quality fabric is not cheap and I do feel like I need good quality fabric for this job. I will be sure to post pictures when I get around to that!


Emmy said...

Good for you for being all crafty while he is away. Very cute onsie

heather said...

don't forget the fan! busy girl.

Rachel said...

Super cute onesie!

And you are so right about the quality fabric for the dining room chairs - those things can see a lot of use. We just redid ours, and I waited for a 50% off sale on home decor fabrics (upholstery quality) from JoAnn Fabrics and got a free shipping coupon :) So worth it!