Monday, October 17, 2011

Dear Goodness I Just Can't Stop!

I just can't stop crafting! Everyone out there in bloggy land has given me the bug! Lately I have been working on fabric flowers. I want to use them to embellish some pillows for the playroom so I need to practice them. To practice them I decided I would make a few headbands. Here is the first one I made.

My technique was not that great on this one, plus I made it bigger than expected.

To make the band I cut my fabric strips and braided them. I left the ends long so that it could be tied and worn that way. Then I attached the flower to the band.

Here is the thing.... I don't accessorize. Like, at all. If I am going to wear earrings I have to put them on and then not look at myself in the mirror. So when I saw this big thing on my head I was just not happy. I was happy with the headband, just not on me. So I gave it to my sister, because she is someone who accessorizes.

So here is my latest flower. It is much neater and my technique is better. I made it smaller because I did want a headband for myself. This time I took a headband and wrapped it with my fabric, securing it with hot glue. Lastly I attached my flower.

This one is much more my size. I am pretty happy with how this one turned out! Plus the orange is very fall :-)

People, if you stand still too long at my house I just may turn your shirt into a fabric flower then use your pants to make you a headband with it!


heather said...

I liked the green one ;)

Anonymous said...

Very cute!! I keep seeing these tutorials on blogs and I need to try my hand at it. :-)

Anonymous said...

(This is Addie, the sister) I wore the green one to work yesterday and got a ton of compliments! No one could believe that it was handmade. Needless to say you may have a few people that want you to make like 34829 of them!!

Rachel said...

Those are super cute! You are waaay craftier than I :)