Thursday, October 13, 2011

18 Months And Counting.... Thing 2

My little boy is nearing the 18 month mark.... can you believe that??? My goodness is that possible??? A week or so ago I noticed some pretty rough behavior from Jayce. I knew he was still teething a molar, but this was different. I just couldn't figure out why he was throwing so many random fits and testing so many limits.

Then Charlie said... "Don't you remember what Lula Mae was like at 18 months?"

I was confused. What in the world did 18 months have anything to do with it? Hes just a baby. Oh dear......


Lula Mae was harder at 18 months old than any other age. Literally. So right now we are there with Jayce. We are in the midst of what is one of the hardest stages of parenting in our house. We don't back down, God didn't call parents to back down. Our kids probably think we are too tough, but we are here to lead them and teach them. The fits over nothing are hard, but the giggles and smiles are worth it. He is trying to be more verbal so we are spending lots of time helping him with that. Still, fits happen.... crying over nothing happens.... screaming out of frustration happens.... and we just stay strong. This too shall pass. And if he is anything like Lula Mae from about 25 months old until 38 months old are much smoother sailing. I can't say too much for 38 months and on because Lula Mae has been tough lately.... sigh....

Right now consistency is key. We have to be consistent so he knows what is expected and what the consequences are for certain things. This may be an up hill battle, but it is not one that Charlie and I are willing to just give up on. Our kids mean too much to us to let them "win" certain battles.

Anyone else tired? ;-)


Emmy said...

Yes the "terrible twos" really do seem to start a lot earlier than two. Ryder is definitely showing a lot more spunk lately- but so far more mellow than the other two, keeping my fingers crossed

Rachel said...

So thankful there are rewards to go along with each challenging stage!