Monday, October 24, 2011

Kitchen Makeover

When we bought this house, we knew the kitchen would eventually need to be... gutted basically. I'm not kidding when I tell you I have stayed in hotels with bigger kitchens. One bedroom apartments have more counter space! However Charlie and I are both good at seeing potential. We saw potential all over the yard, all over the playroom... and most importantly, all over the kitchen. Gutting our kitchen is going to be a big project, financially and work wise. That project is probably a good 3 to 5 years down the road. Knowing that I will have to live with my one person kitchen is not so bad, it is much more than some people have and I am grateful for it. Can you remember the kitchen when we moved in?

Yes, the cabinets are purple along with the knobs. The tile around the top is orange and the decorative tiles have different herbs and spices on them. The boarder has grapes all over it. It was a very specific design, but it did not fit our style at all. Also the crazy mini fridge microwave combo thing made for a very awkward set up. Those closet doors? That is the pantry.

Interested in seeing how it looks now, at least part of it I guess... please excuse the horrible lighting....

I made this shadow box thanks to Hobby Lobby. Charlie and I took a Disney behind the scene tour and got a special key pin. So I displayed that and our name tags from the tour, paired with a Disney sticker. Ta-da Disney shadow box!

On our last trip to Disney I picked up these post cards for a dollar or so. Then I grabbed some dollar framed and hung them up. Disney art for a fraction of the cost of actual Disney art.

Last I hung up my Mickey Mouse oven mitts. Adorable right? I know! I also painted the tile white. Much more fitting I think. Did you know you could paint tile? I paid roughly $8.00 for the can of paint where as new tile would have cost much, much more!

My last detail was the small Mickey head stickers on the nail heads. They are my hidden Mickeys ;-)

The cabinets are also white again, the knobs are nickle, the weird mini fridge is gone, the regular fridge is there now.... all these little changes have really made me enjoy my kitchen much, much more.


Brandi said...

That's a bachelor's kitchen! I don't think a woman came up with that plan - minifridge? lol! ;)

The tile and the decorating looks great! Love the MM stuff! Too cute! :) We have a two-person kitchen, relatively small but the hubs and I can cook together w/out someone getting hurt. haha! Small kitchens are great - less to clean.

Rachel said...

What a difference those little changes can make!!! And I am impressed, you tile-painting girl, you!

It fits your personality perfectly!