Wednesday, October 5, 2011

These Things

The glow of the baby monitor cutting through the darkness of the night

The sound of the mobile music playing softly through the monitor

The loads of tiny clothes

The toys strung all over the house

The smell of baby powder

The look of wonder on their face as the discover something for the very first time

The semi toothless grins

The tiny feet and tiny hands

The swiftness to forgive and forget my wrongdoings

The feeling of a little head laying against my chest

The magic healing power of a kiss and a fun band aid

The footie pajamas

The giggles brought on simply by a game of peek-a-boo

The look of somber stillness of their sleeping face

The endless hugs and kisses they offer

The love/hate relationship I have with reading the same book 6 times in a row

The mess that is "eating"

The sheer determination only a child can have when mastering a new task

The mess that is "bath time"

The excitement that fills the house when Daddy gets home from work

The mess that is "I can do it!"

The profound trust they have for me over their life

The pure blissful innocence

These are the things I will miss when my babies are not babies anymore. God willing there will be more babies down the road, but that is not in our hands. These are the things I want to cherish and soak in while they last. In the blink of an eye most all of them will be gone.

As parents we only have a few short years to influence our children. Take the time now to show them you love them, to tell them that God loves them, to tell them that God made them perfect. While you are influencing them, cherish them. I doubt anyone has ever laid on their death bed and thought "I sure wish I wouldn't have spent so much time with my family". Once these precious years are gone.... they are gone. You can't get them back. Soak them up while they last! Enjoy each season of life as it comes, regardless how tiring, messy, loud or chaotic that season may be.

Dear Lula Mae and Jayce,

I love you so very much. Stay little for a while, okay? Just a little while longer please.




Emmy said...

This is an awesome post. And yes-- there are only so many years before there are so many other influences in their lives too.

Rachel said...

One of my very favorite posts. So very true.

And really, REALLY timely. I know that Mom didn't regret a single moment spent with her kids while she was laying there in her last days. Instead, those people she invested in, sought her out - wanting a few last moments with someone who loved them and they loved back.

I'm trying to live more intentionally... I don't want to have those regrets. But it sure would help if life would slow down a bit and my kid didn't grow overnight, right?