Monday, May 2, 2011

On The Open Road!

Well Bloggy buddies, we are on our way to the happiest place on earth!

To see one of my best-good friends, as Forrest would say.

To visit my home away from home.....

Disney World.... HERE WE COME!
I LOVE the smell of vacation in the air... especially a Disney vacation!

It will be a trip of fun memories I am sure of that. The last time we went to Disney World I got to tell Charlie were were expecting Jayce. Now, we get to celebrate his first birthday there. How neat! We rent a house when we do Disney so we have a private pool, which I am sure will be fun for every one but me. The kids will get to enjoy Mommy and Daddy, we will get to enjoy them.... I just can't wait! Goodbye bills book, goodbye house work, goodbye school, goodbye army! This family has left the building! We are so blessed! Please pray for a safe journey for us. Also, pray that I handle the pool with my kids okay. I want so badly to enjoy it with them, but just the thought of it really makes me nearly throw up. I will come home with a billion pictures and lots of stories.... so be ready! Have a great week Bloggy buddies! I will catch up with you when I return!

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