Friday, May 13, 2011

And This Is Where A Title Goes... If You Can Think Of One!

Ready for some randomness???? GO!!!!

Yesterday was a special day. My husband and I celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary. 4 years! We are off to a good start :-) He surprised me with flowers and a very short but sweet card (very much his style... which I love!). The kids and I went and got him a new weed-eater and sprayer for the yard. Nothing says I love you like a couple of gifts that are going to put you to work. I am not the best gift buyer.... not at all! Tonight we are getting away for a delicious and romantic meal at our favorite restaurant, The Melting Pot. We go there for every special occasion. He proposed to me there :-) Fondu here we come! I am excited to get to spend time with him alone. We are not good about making time for us and we need to get better.

There are a few things coming up that make my stomach a little queasy. I have already taken away all of Jayce's pacifiers... but I have not taken away his paci-bear. It is his best friend. Paci-bear is this pacifier that has a stuffed bear on the end of it. It was a lifesaver when he was a tiny little guy, but now it is time for it to go. He is one so that means no pacifiers.

He really loves this little guy though so I know it is going to be a tough week or so. Starting next Saturday he is history. I can't decide if I should cut the paci off and give him the bear, or just take the whole thing away. Not sure which one would be less traumatic for him. I have a few days to ponder that though. I am a firm believer in weaning the paci at one year though so paci-bear really must go. Sorry Jayce.... I still love you :-)

No only that, I have started to wean the bottle too. He only takes 2 bottles now instead of 4. His lunch milk is in a cup and his snack is now a juice/water cup instead of milk. I am crossing my fingers that the morning and night bottle will be gone in the next few weeks. Lula Mae was quite difficult to wean so I am hopeful that Jayce will be a little different. Only time will tell I guess.

PLUS.... I am a huge slacker and haven't moved Lula Mae out of her crib yet. I know, I know... tomorrow she is 3 and she still sleeps in a crib. She really loves it though. She has never tried to climb out or anything and hasn't really expressed and desire to sleep in a big bed yet. Well, I guess it is time to move her to a toddler bed. sigh. I think we will do it the same night that we take away paci-bear. Lets just all be miserable at one time, right?

Well, that is what is going on right now, in case you cared.... even if you didn't care I was still going to tell you!

I hope your weekend is wonderful Bloggy buddies!

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Emmy said...

My niece slept in her crib until she was almost five because she liked it