Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Happy Birthday Jayce

The day before we went to Magic Kingdom in September of 2009 I get the positive test. I was so excited to tell Charlie in our favorite place. And this is how you began Jayce.

Then you grew and grew and grew. You gave me no sickness (sweet boy!) but nearly ruined my bladder with infection after infection (shame on you!). Overall my pregnancy was great. Sure towards the end I had trouble getting off the couch and had nothing that resembled ankles, but still it was great!

At 8:41 on May 4, 2010 you were born. Jayce Moreland had arrived! All 7 pounds (even) and 19 3/4 inches of you were perfect. Your labor was fantastic and your birth was even better! I enjoyed every moment of it! I also loved that every doctor and nurse that walked in the door wanted to know if you were a c-section baby because your head was so round. Nope :-) I just got you out fast!

Our family of 4 was together after 8 and a half long months of waiting.

Your sister was intrigued by you. She was pretty in love too (secretly).

Once we were home I began preparing you for your birthday trip to Disney World. Your blood cells are probably shaped like tiny Mickey Mouse heads.

I began taking a million pictures of you... and I haven't stopped!

When you have something so sweet to photograph why would you want to stop?

You and your sister bonded well.

And you began to grow....

... and change. And you began to look just like your momma.

You just kept getting bigger. We finally got your reflux under control and you were a much happier little guy.

Your first vacation was not so fun for you. You are your mothers child... the beach is not your favorite place in the world (mine either darling!).

Is it possible that your sweet face got cuter?

It was not long before you were attempting to get on the move. Scooting around came naturally to you. This is when your adventurous side came out :-)

Your best friend is your sister.... or at least you think so. She is starting to wonder about you getting into her toys and other things. She is rethinking this whole "big sister" job all of a sudden.

Crawling didn't last long and you went for the upright position. Standing up and cruising was so easy for you. Not to mentioned it was your favorite thing to do!

Your poor eczema kept getting worse and worse. Then, your dandruff started up. You are going to be my sensitive child for sure.

You just got so big so fast, looking like a little man. Could it be that my baby was really about to be walking?

You have grown so fast little one. You are such a boy. You love to explore, nothing seems to stop you or hold you back, you adore hats, baths make you giddy and being outside is your very favorite. You love to watch your sister play and love even more for her to play with you. Your laugh is musical and your smile is mystical. The fact that you can whistle is hilarious. I love to listen to you snore over the baby monitor. You are reading more words than you let on, but I'm okay with that.... you can be shy about it if you want. You love to play rough with your Daddy and to hug and snuggle with your Mommy. I am so blessed to be able to call you my son. God has given us an amazing year with you and I pray that he gives us many more. I pray that your heart is focused on God and you learn to serve others. I pray that you walk the path God has laid for you. I am excited to watch you grow and see what God has in store for you. I love you more than words can say.

Happy First Birthday Jayce!

I can't believe it has been a year....


Beth Zimmerman said...

Happy Birthday, sweet Jayce! May you always know how very much you are loved!

Rachel said...

Happiest Birthday Darling Jayce! I don't know how you do it, but you keep getting cuter and cuter! You are so loved!

Emmy said...

Oh I hope he has a wonderful wonderful birthday! What a great post and adorable pictures.
I love love love that picture where Lula Mae is standing over baby Jayce looking down on him-that shot is amazing!!

LaVonne @ Long Wait said...

Happy Birthday to Jayce! :) Such cute photos. Thanks for recapping the year for us all.