Saturday, May 14, 2011

Happy Birthday Little Miss

Has it possibly been 3 years? It feels like just yesterday the baby swing swallowed you whole. It feels like only last week I was cradling you in my arms, feeding and changing you every hour or so. It does not seem like you should be 3 yet.

Your sweet little features were so tiny and delicate. Every tiny piece of you was perfectly made. I stared at you for hours, soaking up every ounce of babyhood I could. I adored every stage (even the hard ones) because I know each one was a gift. Every tough stage, every easy stage.... brought its own joy and happiness.

I look at you now, at 3 years old, and I wonder how you got so big. I feel like I treasured all the little moments with you.... and yet I still feel as though it went too fast. Your features are still delicate, just not quite so tiny anymore. I still stare at you and notice how perfectly you are made.

God has such big plans for you. Watching you grow a heart for Him brings me so much joy. I am so blessed to be able to call you my daughter. Your spirit may be strong willed, but it is exactly what God wants. He is helping your Daddy and I shape you into what He desires. I pray for you without ceasing sweet girl.

I love your laugh, your hugs, your kisses, your curiosity, your artwork, your passion, your concern, your sense of humor, your love for learning, your bubbly personality, your curly hair, your petite stature, your determination...... your everything. I love you so much. You look so grown up with a pony tail in your hair. I feel like this is your last "baby year". I plan on continuing to soak up the last little bit of your babyhood. These past three years with you have been the most rewarding and the most amazing. You are so smart and astound me on a daily basis. I love having you read to me and get down right giddy hearing you recite all 9 of your bible verses and the first 20 catechism questions! This next year will be full of fun and learning too I am sure, and that makes me smile.

Happy birthday Lula Mae. You are so loved!


Rachel said...

Love the pictures... have a most wonderful third year Lula Mae - you are special and loved!

Emmy said...

That hand picture is awesome! I hope she had a wonderful birthday.