Sunday, May 15, 2011


The service today was amazing. I adore my Pastor and appreciate his honesty. If you never sit in church thinking "oh man, that is so me" and then feel yourself almost turn red with embarrassment then you may not be listening well enough. I love all of my pastors sermons, but some of them really hit on a very personal level. For me, I need that. One thing my pastor said today is ringing in my head...

If the world loves you, you may not be living right.

Ouch. How incredibly true! Ever since Lula Mae was born Charlie and I have often been questioned or criticized for our parenting. Too many times we hear....

But don't you want your kids to be normal?

Marriam-Webster defines normal as: a) according with, or not deviating from a norm, rule or principle. b) conforming to a type, standard or regular pattern.

Do I want my kids to be normal? No. I don't want my kids to be raised by society and what it sees as normal. I don't want my kids to have no respect for authority the way that the upcoming generation seems to be. I don't want my kids to think that they are in charge of their lives with way society is teaching kids today. I don't want my kids to be self centered and close minded as the kids I see being raised by society. Not at all.

I want my kids to learn to be obedient of my husband and myself, as well as other adults, so that they will learn to be obedient to God. I want my kids to know that God is in control of their lives and they just need to trust Him in all things. I want my kids to think of others before themselves. I want my kids to look at people of other races, beliefs, sexualities, economical levels and abilities and see that we are all the same. My pastor brought up a great point today by saying "We are all in need of our Savior Jesus Christ.". So often we focus on how different we are, when we should be focused on how alike we are. Most importantly I want my kids to be focused on God and loving everyone around them.

My kids may not watch Sponge Bob or listen to the newest rap songs. They may not ever go to public schools and sit for 8 hours at a desk being taught to pass a test at the end of the year. My kids may never get to do some of the things normal kids get to do, but I feel confident in how Charlie and I are raising our family. Being normal isn't all it's cracked up to be if you ask me. Normal people don't worship with everything they have. Normal people don't live a life that brings glory and honor to God. I want my kids to worship God to the fullest and live a life that lives up to God. If that means they won't be normal, oh well.

The world may not love the way Charlie and I raise our kids, but I am not out to make the world happy.


Regina said...

i hear ya Amy---my world--town tillman--normal people--population:0
we refuse to conform to what society wants--these kids now a days are increasingly ignorant, disrespectful and most importantly without knowledge of the Lord

you continue on--God has wonderful plans for your beautiful children

Rachel said...


And isn't it true - that when you think of all the things that you want for your kids... that it makes you work on yourself even harder? Well, at least for me. I want to be the type of person that I want my kiddo to be.

(There's no such thing as "normal" anyway, right? :)

Brandi said...

They won't be normal... they'll be extraordinary! :)

LaVonne @ Long Wait said...

Amen, sister! I am with you! We are called to be different from the world and I am trying my hardest to not be confused with the way everyone else is doing it! ;)

Blessings this week!

Emmy said...

As a Mormon I can totally relate- we sometimes take pride in being a peculiar people :). And yes- I do not want my kids to be normal either. The world as a whole teaches values I never want my kids to have.