Wednesday, May 25, 2011

My Boy

I feel like I am constantly updating you on Lula Mae, and never tell you about Jayce. hangs head in shame So today is all about my boy. Jayce just turned a year old, and I still just can't believe it! He is growing up way too fast! He is quite a tiny little guy... even now, weighing 17 lbs and being only 27 inches tall. He takes after his Mommy I guess! He is a smart little man too, but he likes to keep it a secret. He is reading about 6 or 7 words.... when he wants to! Stubborn I tell ya, stubborn to the core! From the day he was born he has been quite attached to me. I guess I can't complain about that ;-) unless of course I need to get something done....

He is a cuddly little guy. He just loves to be held in general! He like to know someone is right there I guess. He is much more affectionate that his sister.

Some times he seems more needy than his sister. He is just 100% different than Lula Mae which I guess I was not really prepared for when he was born. I knew they would be different, but I thought some things would be the same.... WRONG! This guy is totally unique in what he likes, what he needs, what he prefers.

His favorite thing? Putting things in his mouth! It has been since he was able to get things to his mouth on his own!

No really... everything goes straight to the mouth!

E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G! He also really loves eating paper. We call him our billy goat. If he gets his hands on any paper product, he is going to eat it! Even cardboard... he will just gnaw on it until it is soft enough for him to eat! I can't leave this child alone with a book. Lets just say he really enjoys a good book ;-)

He sleeps with a stuffed Pluto so when we got to meet the real Pluto, he just laid all over him. He didn't want to let him go! He is quite the animal lover actually. He loves Eric and Heahter's dogs and is really loving out new cat. He is so gentle!

This boy is an outdoors-man. This may be the one thing he and Lula Mae have in common. Both my little ones love to be outside. I loathe being outside by the way... yep I'm that girl! While we were waiting to see the Fantasmic show at Disney Hollywood Studios... aka: THE most amazing show in the world... Jayce joined in on doing "the wave" with everyone. I think he would have a fun time at a ball game!

Typically, Jayce is grouchy. He has been since birth. I am not saying he is a bad baby, just cranky. There are times when he is super happy, but they are not that often. He isn't always crying... but whines a lot. When he smiles, I try to praise him and bask in it while it lasts. He has his good days where he is happier than normal, but for the most part I see this a lot...

This is his usual face. He is such a somber baby and keeps a serious look on his face most of the day. When I look at him I feel like he has an old soul. I feel like he is going to be a person who feels others pain. I feel like he will be one of those guys who is great to talk to and is always there with a shoulder to cry on.

I pray for his spirit daily. I pray so many things for him, but mostly I pray that he knows Jesus and loves him with all of his heart, all of his mind and all of his soul. Jayce could use your prayers too if you are a prayer warrior. Shortly after he was born he was diagnosed with reflux. Since then he has been on medication to help control it. Typically at a year a child is ready to be weaned from it... not sweet Jayce. He still needs it or he has horrible choking fits and grunts because the acid is hurting his throat. Pray for healing for him. It is getting better, but I want so badly for him to be medication free, for once. Also, he has eczema. It started off as just a few spots on his legs. Slowly it has covered his legs and feet. Then it creeped onto his arms... to his belly.... and now covering his neck and back. He scratches constantly and often has tiny cuts all over if I fail to trim his nails the moment they grow at all. I feel like my sweet baby is never comfortable. We just got a higher, stronger medication to put on him, but it is one of those things where I just want him to not need it at all. I want him to be normal and feel good. I know that God will heal him in His time, but I would ask you to pray for healing for him in this too. I think these two things kinda lead him to be a bit more grouchy.

I feel like Jayce needs me differently than Lula Mae did at his age. If I were being honest, I would say he needs me way more. I feel like maybe he will need me more for the rest of his life. I love this little guy to much! He knows just how to melt my heart :-)

So this is how Mr. Jayce is right now. Growing, changing and learning so fast!


Beth Zimmerman said...

He's READING? At a year? That's incredible!

My sister has always had severe excema so I know what you're talking about. It would make me grouchy too! I'll definitely pray with you for healing as God brings Jayce to my mind.

Rachel said...

Those pictures are precious!

And it is too funny... God has been reminding me to pray for Jayce at odd hours - and those specific physical needs were on my mind.

Lord, please heal Jayce... make his body whole, make it function perfectly as You have designed it to. Bring balance to his skin, bring balance to his stomach. Give him phsyical comfort. Continue to develop his relationship with you - let him never doubt that you have a plan for him.

Thank you for this precious boy and his family. Amen

Heather said...

Ok I have a list...

1. You didn't mention he is in love with me and that he is my boyfriend. That's important. People should know he is taken.

2. That picture at the gate is HILARIOUS. Like I may have peed my pants a little laughing at it. I need a life-size one in my house.

3. I am going to start praying for healing for Jayce. I really thought at a year this reflux thing would be gone. Poor grumpy baby.

Tiffany said...

Such a sweet little man. He has the hearts of all my little princesses. Thanks for letting us know how to pray for him - it would be my honor!

Emmy said...

Love the picture of you holding him in the park- sweet cuddly guy. So sorry he is still dealing with reflux.