Sunday, December 12, 2010

Snuggle Time

It isn't often that Lula Mae wants to cuddle. Even as a tiny baby she wasn't into it. Well these days she has a new obsession. She wants to sit on my lap and watch this...

She just stares at it and smiles. She will randomly say things like, "Mommy I love this song because it's my favorite", "Mommy we sing that at church", "Remember Mommy, remember that part?". She loves to sing the chorus of the song and loves for me to point to the words as we sing together. It is beyond precious and melts my heart. My child is not perfect, she frustrates me from time to time, she causes me to worry about silly things, she was born a broken and sinful person.... but moments like this show me that God is working on her heart and all the work Charlie and I are putting into her is worth it. It is worth every single second.

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Rachel said...

Aww - how sweet! I love it when kids worship!