Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Race Is On!




People, my life just got interesting! Yes, Jayce is scooting....all over the place! He is 7 months old and on the move! You must know that Lula Mae was 9 months old when she finally started scooting. He has her beat with physical development (not that I am comparing them.... simply noticing is all) I feel like I just brought him home, how in the world is he already mobile? *sigh*

Just for fun, lets just add up a few factors in my life at this moment, shall we....

We are closing on our new house in 7 days (Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!)

Christmas is in 11 days (WOOOOOHOOOOOOO!!!!!!)

We are moving into our new house in 13 days (DOUBLE Ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!)

2011 is kicking off in 18 days (SLOW DOWN PLEASE!!!!!!!!!)

January is the biggest month for our family when it comes to birthdays (including mine!!!)

I have 5 months to get all the details of our Disney trip squared away (Triple Ahhhhhhh!)

Not to mention that in the midst of all that
life is still happening. Laundry needs to be done, meals have to be fixed, things have to be cleaned, kids need to be cared for, bills have to be paid, somewhere in there I need to sleep and did I mention I have only packed like 6 boxes so far...... So pretty soon I will be on a bit of a hiatus. I won't be gone, just on a bit of a vacation. Well, a vacation minus the relaxation, yummy food, sunny weather.... okay so nothing like a vacation! I am counting on all of you to keep me company through your fantastic posts. I promise that after all this moving business I will get back into leaving you all some warm and fuzzy comment love! Just bare with me through the next couple of weeks! It's gonna be a wild ride!


Rachel said...

And people always thought I was strange for not wanting Itty Bit to learn to walk early! Life is much simpler when you can put them somewhere and they stay there, LOL! :)

Hooray Jayce! Now you can help your Momma with the packing!

Emmy said...

Wow! Yes this is an insane time for you. Good luck with the move. I am so glad Ryder is not mobile yet...especially since the last time I had a mobile baby, Lucas was only two so things were still pretty baby proof...now I have a six year old with tons of Legos. Life will be interesting when Ryder moves.

HeatherOz said...

It's the Most Busiest Time of The Year!
Sing along with me!!!!