Thursday, December 16, 2010

Letters Of Intent

Dear Office Max,

You have sealed your fate. Never again will I order ANYTHING from you. Ever. When I email you concerning a package that has not yet shipped and you send me this:

Dear Amy,

We apologize for the inconvenience you have encountered with the delivery of your merchandise. We have contacted the distribution center who is working with the carrier to ensure prompt delivery. Please allow 24-48 business hours to be contacted via phone.

Once again we do apologize. OfficeMax thanks you for the opportunity of servicing your future business and personal supply needs. If we can be of further assistance please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank you for choosing OfficeMax!

I'm not to upset. But then no one contacted me.... so I contacted you again. Then you sent me this:

Hello I show notes in your order that you got a email on 12/14/10 letting you know that we could not locate your package and have been issued credit under the credit memo number
3483917, I also show that the credit has been issued back to you already as well.

Fist off you NEVER contacted me so lets don't lie, okay? Oh and where did the "Dear Amy" go? How about the "we apologize...." junk? Huh? Where did that customer service go? Now here is the issue.... there has not been a credit issued like you are saying. Don't tell me you have, when you haven't. Don't mess with my money. Also, I tracked the 3 separate attempts to ship the package to me. One of them was "delivered to the front door at 5:55pm"... in Panama City Florida. Yeah, that was your bad..... not mine. I checked and re-checked my shipping and billing information. So I suggest you issue my refund so that I can go and spend my money elsewhere. I hope you are ready for the phone call I will be making tomorrow. It's gonna be great!


Royally Ticked!


Rachel said...

Oh my goodness! I just spent this week trying to straighten out a refund too! And it was so frustrating! And it is STILL frustrating! I am so sorry!

Foursons said...

No way! I can't believe the mess over this. I can't wait to hear about your phone call. Please be sure to blog about it, for some reason I find these things entertaining. :)

Thanks for linking up and good luck!

SuperMom Blues said...

Oh, I hate that!!! We had the same kind of issue with them a year or so ago. Needless to say, we no longer shop at Office Max!

Following you from Foursons' linky!

Tiffany said...

Sic 'em girl! Don't mess with Mama's packages!

HeatherOz said...

Nice! I have a few stores that I have been trying very hard to not visit this Christmas due to their customer service!

Joy Just Because said...

That sounds like NO FUN! Following you via the Foursons linky party.