Saturday, December 4, 2010

7 Months And Counting!

Someone is growing up way too fast. My handsome little guy is 7 months old today. Why does 7 months sound so much older than 6 months? For me, I think it is the fact that he is closer to the one year mark than the newborn phase. Jayce is such a cuddle bug and I am soaking it all in. Lula Mae was so not a cuddly baby so I am excited to have a snuggle buddy! So, what is up with Jayce these days?

  • Still no teeth, but it looks like his bottom ones are about to make their appearance
  • He can't crawl yet, but he can roll and scoot anywhere he wants to go. He is going to be crawling before we know it!
  • He has no interest in eating food yet. I try cereal and applesauce every now and then but he just could not care less. That's just fine though, he is growing beautifully (16 pounds roughly) and drinks his bottles just fine.
  • He loves to laugh and play with his big sister. He is also very in love with his Daddy and playing rough. He is such a boy!
  • We can already see that this little man has a BIG temper. When you take something away from him or he doesn't get exactly what he wants.... look out. He needs to have a chat with Lula Mae and see how well that attitude works in this house.
  • He is starting to do much, much better in the car! I am not dreading the drive to Orlando quite as much as I was.
  • He is quite the talker! He loves to babble and sing which it one of the most amazing sounds ever. I love his sweet baby voice!
  • His reflux seems to be very controlled. We are looking forward to being able to wean him from his medicine and enjoy a reflux free baby.
  • He is loving "Your Baby Can Read" just like his sister. When his video is on he is so amazed and enthralled. It may just be a few more months before he starts reading, but I am not expecting that.... just saying. Lula Mae was reading her first words at 8 and a half months. We shall see :-)

As exciting as it is to see Jayce grow and change, I hope time slows down a little bit. I am trying so hard to soak in all these sweet moments, but I feel like they are slipping away at lightning speed! Happy 7 months Jayce, you are such a gift from God and I love you so very much!


Rachel said...

Love that picture! Amazing to see how he's grown from that picture on your sidebar!

Rachel said...

Oh, and we love snugglebugs around here too :)

Life In A Day said...

I feel the same way... time is just flying by. My babygirl will be 7 months on the 10th. I can't believe it! She isn't crawling yet either nor does she have any teeth. Do you recommend the Your Baby Can Read DVD Set? I keep looking at it on Ebay and would really like to give it a try but I just don't know.

HeatherOz said...

Hey Geeker! LOL.........right?
Oh how I wish time would slow down! It's good that you can soak it in and enjoy all these moments!

The blog makeover is looking fabulous!