Wednesday, December 1, 2010

200 Challenge Update

I haven't done a 200 Challenge in forever. I figured at this point I shouldn't try to back track and breakdown each month, but I thought giving you my overall totals would be a good idea.

August $204.53

September $197.52

October $193.48

November $208.69

Are wondering what The 200 Challenge is? Well then you haven't been reading my blog long enough now have you... shame on you! No, I'm kidding! A friend of mine and fellow blogger started a grocery challenge at the beginning of this year to try and see if she could spend $200 or less each month. I joined in, since I am always in for saving money! All in all I have done well and really enjoyed this challenge. I will be continuing to use this budget in 2011. It has really saved us a lot and I am grateful for Sarah putting this challenge together and teaching me how to better budget my finances. Her challenge sparked something major in me. I wanted to do better in all categories, not just groceries. My budget has not been the same (in a good way). In January I will post how much I spent on groceries for the year, along with how much I would have spent had I not joined the challenge. I will let you be the judge of whether is was worth it.


Brandi said...

Whoa! I feel like I need to open the door and back out slowly. ;) That's AMAZING! I need to go read up on this. Do you use coupons? Hubby does all the grocery shopping. We don't use coupons, but we shop the sales and break our list up between the 3 major grocery stores based on what's on sale. BUT we don't even scratch the surface of being close to $200 a month! Way to go!!!

Rachel said...

Brandi - you have FOUR kids. And a husband who is a chef. Case closed, hee hee :)

Amy - that is AMAZING! I think the hubs was embarrassed the first time I whipped out a stack of coupons at Fred Meyer, but then enjoyed the $27 richer we were, ha ha.

I need to go check out that website!

Sarah said...

Amy you've done great with your budget! Unlike me...I'm kind of a slacker on my own 200 Challenge {blush}. I was just thinking about it the other day and realizing it was one of the things that just slid when this pregnancy got rough...and never came back. :-(

I'm super proud of YOU though. Great job! I know you are a blessing to your husband and children. :-)

HeatherOz said...

OK, I just slapped myself for not reading your blog when you were talkin' 200 Challenge. I am totally going to give all this info to my hubby! LOL
He does all of the shopping and he LOVES to get coupon deals. He loves a good challenge too! Thanks for the info. Seriously, how did I miss this before?

Heather said...

Ok 1. super jealous of all the hubbies that do the grocery shopping and 2. I need to update this as well!