Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Cherish Them

There are times when I realize Lula Mae is not a baby anymore. This morning, it hit me pretty hard and come out of nowhere. I just looked at her and realized how much she has changed over the past few months, physically and mentally. I just stopped and held her. I kissed her and rocked her. I listened to her little voice. I studied her delicate features that are still just as perfect as they were the day she was born. I told her just how much I loved her. Every ounce of me loves my children. Half of me is thrilled to see them grow, but the other half just wants them to stay little forever. Life is so short. With the holidays, things get crazy and time really passes quickly and moments with my kids just seem to be rushed or looked over. I am so glad the holidays have passed because I am ready for time to slow down a bit so I can enjoy my babies. I want to cherish every moment with them.... the good, the bad and the in between.

Put that laundry on hold and go play with your kids! Your house may be a disaster from the holidays, but that is just fine! Nothing is more precious than the time you spend with you kids. Happy Wednesday everyone!


Regina said...

u r sooo right. with our move we have taken time to play with new toys watch movies and even roast marshmallows:-)

Emmy said...

Thank you for this reminder.