Tuesday, February 22, 2011

This Is What Whining Looks Like

Annnnnnnnnnnnnd GO!!!

  • I accidentally ripped the toilet paper holder off the wall while half asleep this morning
  • Jayce refused to eat his breakfast
  • I spilled Lula Mae's milk everywhere while fixing her breakfast
  • Jayce cried all morning because... well, because he is Jayce and sometimes that's how Jayce is
  • I went to get the clothes out of the dryer so I could get dressed and saw that they had been dried on medium heat... therefore I felt like a big old fatty trying to fit into my jeans
  • Lula Mae argued with me about playing in the playroom for about 15 minuets
  • Lula Mae then had a time out where I got to hear hear scream "I want my Daddy because he loves me more than Mommy!" over and over and over again (I mean I only carried and birthed the child, heaven forbid she like me or anything!)
  • Jayce decided napping was not really on his agenda for the morning so he cried and played instead
  • Lula Mae's lunch fell on the floor and I had to prepare another meal (luckily it was an accident!)
  • Jayce did not enjoy the lunch I picked out for him and to show his disapproval he screamed through lunch, nibbling and gagging here and there
  • I needed to get the kids ready to go to the book store after lunch and started with wrestling Jayce through a diaper change
  • During said wrestling match/diaper change I got pooped on
  • While dealing with the poop Lula Mae informed me that she couldn't get her jeans off because they were too tight so she pooped in her panties
  • Once I finally got the kids loaded in the van I needed to get the double stroller out of the garage and loaded into the van
  • On the first attempt at putting the stroller in the van it fell out
  • While picking it up I pulled my toe nail back and began gushing blood
  • When I got to the store I had to park in the "additional parking in rear" area because there was an old man just sitting in the way of the first entrance to the very awkward parking lot
  • When we got home both kids were not thrilled that it was nap time
  • Pretty quick though they both fell asleep
  • Then Lula Mae woke up screaming for some reason which then meant Jayce was awake screaming
And here I sit... frazzled by the first half of my day. If the second half goes this darn smoothly I may spend the rest of the day in tears. If you never have hard days, you wouldn't appreciate your good ones. However, I would love a good one tomorrow!


Brandi said...

Oh, girl. You are definitely having one of THOSE days. Whew!

I hope the rest of the day looks up for ya. :) Hang in there!

Kelly said...

Right about the time Lula Mae pooped in her pants, while I was wearing poop from Jayce I probably would have bailed on the liabrary and tried some other way to get them to sleep...and me a strong drink. Sounds like you really had a trying day.

Hope that the rest of your day was uneventful, and tomorrow is MUCH MUCH better!

(and you must know that I was kidding about the drink)

deepintheheartoftexas2 said...

I suggest going to bed early and praying for a better day tomorrow. I will also pray you have a better day.

Heather said...

Oh honey...I am sorry I laughed all the way through this. I had that day yesterday. And you were still an awesome enough friend to say "yes I will watch little man for 2, scratch that, 3 hours today!"

Rachel said...

I'm with Heather - forgive me for laughing... but only because this totally sounds like a blog post that would happen to me (admit it, it does, right??? :)

I am so sorry about the ouchie toe - that is NO FUN! And I cannot imagine anything that would have been worth heading to the bookstore after that double poop fun. Eek!

Careful, you'll start giving Tiffany a run for her Saint Poopicus nickname!

Love you - and I'm only chuckling because I am praying for a much easier day for you tomorrow!

Tiffany said...

Yes! For once I wasn't Saint Poopicus!!!

And, I am so very, very sorry you have had a miserable day. If we were closer, I would take the minions from you and make you go do something all by yourself.

HeatherOz said...

Oh geez! That is very very rough! I hope the rest of the day was better!!!