Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Sick And Tired!

These ugly little guys have been a pain! I have been dealing with the stomach flu/bug for a while now. First Lula Mae got it. Then she shared it with Jayce. Then Jayce shared it with the Hubster. Last but not least the Hubster shared it with me. I guess I can't complain. I would rather have it last so that I am able to take care of everyone else first. Charlie and I are not sure if the two of us had the same thing the kids had though. He had a friend come over to help him with a project that came down sick the next day. We are praying that the kids don't have another virus to look forward to thanks to us. Hopefully we all had the same thing and we are done with these ugly little germs! I will be doing yet another round of sanitizing tomorrow. Fun fun! I am so sick and tired of this sickness! Luckily we each fought it quickly and didn't suffer long. Jayce had it the worst :-( poor baby.

I on the other hand had terrible timing with my sickness. Mine hit while I was keeping the kids out of the house so the carpet could be installed. (YAY for new CLEAN carpet!). I switched locations with my hubby (since he was sitting at the house all day while the carpet was getting put in.) He went to be with the kids at Eric and Heather house and I came home. (so basically now Eric and Heather are going to be the next victims of this horrible bug/virus) It was oh so fun being violently ill while there were 6 strangers in my house. Totally fun! Then Charlie had to bring the kids home and get the house back to normal while I laid in the bed with fever and chills. Luckily we have wonderful family who came and helped keep the kids occupied while Charlie and my Uncle got everything back to normal. It was a very hectic evening! Then, to top it off, Charlie went this morning (the next day) to have his wisdom tooth cut out. Yep, it has seemed quite chaotic today! He's in pain and I'm still exhausted from being sick yesterday. Tomorrow is a new day! A new and better day! I am so grateful that we are all feeling better and seem to be done with this mess! I hope all of you have been much healthier than our household! Have a great rest of the week!


wholesomewomanhood said...

At least one person in our family has been sick (some of us more than once) for the past month! I'm so ready to be done with this illness too!!

Heather said...

Lord have mercy woman.

No sickness here yet!!!

HeatherOz said...

Oh my goodness! I am so sorry! I am really hoping that you all are completely done! I have had a non-stop stream of sickos since the 2nd week of January. I think Daisy might have an ear infection this week! Yay!

Rachel said...

Oh no! I am so very sorry! You should be good to go for the rest of the cold season, no?

Praying for continued healing and energy!