Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Energy.... Where Are You???

Confessions #1: I haven't logged into Blogger since Thursday night

Why? I'm not sure. I feel like I have been busy, but I don't think I really have. Weird.

Confession #2: Since I have neglected to log into Blogger I have gotten WAY behind on my reading.

I am not happy about this because I hate to miss anything you wonderful people write. Plus, when I visit your blogs during nap or before bed I am always uplifted or encouraged in some way (because you are all amazing!) So why then have I let myself stay away???

Confession #3: My "new every two" rolled with Verizon so I get to pick a new phone

I am blaming this on a lot of my blog-time-stealing. When I get to pick a new phone out I obsess over it, unfortunately. For days I stare at the website, scanning through all the choices, reading reviews, constantly changing my mind. It is frustrating beyond belief. Luckily, right before I logged into Blogger just now, I picked a phone and it is on the way. Thank goodness!

Confession #4: I have been incredibly moody lately.

So bad that Charlie actually mentioned it (in a nice way, not in a "you sure are nuts" way). Probably has a lot to do with feeling like I have no time to get "my stuff" done (stupid selfish flesh!). It could also have a little to do with not logging onto Blogger and enjoying all of your posts. Regardless, I have noticed my patience level nosediving. Not good!

Confession #5: I'm not perfect

Like I had to clear that up for you, right? ;-) I'm not saying it because I, for even a split second, thought perhaps I was perfect.... I'm just saying that a lot of things are happening right now that are showing me just how not perfect I am. Don't you just love being slapped in the face by life? People say "God whispers" well not around here! It's more like "God uses a megaphone"!

You lucky people have a lot to look forward to. I have before and after pictures of the new FINISHED playroom, pictures of the kids enjoying a beautiful day at the park, a video of Lula Mae singing her favorite song! Not only that, I will be catching up on all your wonderful posts and sending out tons of bloggy love! Happy Wednesday all!


Tiffany said... know we love you, no matter how busy you are! And I completely agree on the phone thing - AT&T just bought out Alltel here, so we are all getting new phones. I stressed over my pick for a week. I feel ya, sister.

Heather said...

yeah, it's about time. ;)

Beth Zimmerman said...

Happy Wednesday, Girly!

Now that you got all those confessions off your shoulders ... go forth and be happy! :)

Emmy said...

Oh can't wait to see the pictures!! I am so behind on reading blogs too but feel half guilty when I spend time trying to catch up

Rachel said...

Oooh, I get so grumpy when I can't keep up on blogs, ha ha!

I can't wait to see your updates!