Thursday, February 17, 2011


Every time I turn around this little guy is standing up! He is close to cruising and I just can't believe it! Luckily the playroom is finally done so Jayce can have a safe and fun place to play.

Here are the before pictures of the playroom.

It was a horrible dungeon of a room. There was popcorn texture all over the walls which was seriously sharp.

Not to mention the horrible baby green walls and green trim and accents. So very dated!

It was being used as a catch all. Things just hung out here until we got around to finding a home for it.

What is all that????

And that????

That is what it looks like when you try to scrape popcorn texture that has been painted twice off.

This section took a total of about 5 man hours to scrape. It still wasn't "done" either. We would have had to scrape the entire room, sanded it, mudded it and sanded it again.... folks it is a BIG room...

So the hubby took my advice and we began ripping out the drywall. It was literally going to be easier to re-drywall the room than go through the 50 million steps to get the popcorn off. Ridiculous! Soooooo we had a big mess for a while. And for some stupid reason I forgot to take pictures of the room being re-dry walled. Oh well, too late now!

Now when you look down from the kitchen this is what you see...

I have a closest now! That door to the left is my new homeschooling central! It makes the room look so much more like a room, and less like a "mud room" like it did when we moved in. I LOVE our carpet!!!!! The concrete floor before was just a joke! You can't live on concrete!!!

This is the view coming in from the garage. So nice and inviting!

View from the picture window looking towards the garage door.

And this gives you a good view of my new closet!

I know it is hard for you to see the difference like we do, but trust me it is a HUGE difference! It changed the feel of the whole house! It just feels so much more like home now! We really love it! The only problem I am having is Lula Mae not liking to be down here with Jayce. She is a great sharer with other kids..... not so much with her brother. We are working on it... but it is a bumpy road!


Brandi said...

LOVE! Wow! Y'all did a fantastic job, and gosh I know it was a lot of work! It's just beautiful!

I have to tell ya, when I saw the first pictures and I saw those brick steps and you said that room was going to be the playroom, I was like eeeeek (mostly because I can picture what my boys would do on those steps and the resulting ER visits for stitches- LOL), but I really like the solution you came up with.

It's absolutely a perfect playroom! :) Oh, and I like your closet too! ;)

Tiffany said...

Ok, that is just beautiful! Love it!

Rachel said...

I love how that turned out! It's so warm and bright! Love it!

(Though I was with Brandi - those brick steps made me nervous!)

Emmy said...

Holy cow awesome job!!! Seriously so great. The room makes me want to come play