Friday, February 18, 2011

Mommy To Be

She isn't having morning sickness

She isn't having crazy cravings

She isn't having trouble finding a comfortable position to sleep in

She isn't running to the bathroom to pee every five minuets

She isn't sure of her due date

She isn't freaking out about getting an epidural or the pain of natural child birth

She isn't pregnant... yet

But she is expecting

She is the most wonderful mommy to be I have ever known

I bet she has a million paper cuts from the mountain of paperwork that adoption requires

I bet her emotional stretch marks are worse than any stretch mark you get from pregnancy

I bet she has been way more emotional than any expecting mom out there

I bet she thinks about her future child/ren on average, 15 times more than most women

I have not doubt that soon she will be holding her own little one/s

It may not be a biological child, or perhaps it will be, only God knows for sure

I feel certain that there will be a mixture of both filling her home soon, very soon

Seeing her with my kids fills my heart

But my heart will burst when I can hang a picture of her with her child/ren on my wall


Heather said...


I'm done yelling now. Seriously, you need a tissue disclaimer at the beginning when you do this. I'm ready for this paper pregnancy to end! A normal pregnancy is 9 months, but mine is way over a year now. Boo.

That's me and my little boyfriend! Love.that.child. Glad I have your little ones to love on while we wait for ours, they keep me sane!

Love you friend.

Tiffany said...

Oh that is beautiful! And, you are right. You are pregnant when you are expecting a child, no matter where in the world that child comes from. I will be praying for your friend's adoption to be done QUICKLY!!!

Kelly said...

I have tears...Heather I'm praying that your "paper pregnancy" ends soon and you are snuggling with a very beautiful bundle of joy!!!!!

What a beautiful peace to write to your friend....

Rachel said...

I can't wait to see those pictures too!

(Heather, I've been praying for you... and Gosh it sure feels like God is just grinning about some secret that He's waiting to spring!)

Emmy said...

How truly beautiful. Oh this makes me hope and pray for her too! And that picture is so sweet and perfect.

Sarah said...

What a sweet post! LOVE the picture too! Heather is going to be such a great mommy and I can't wait to see her holding her little one/s too!! :-)