Sunday, August 15, 2010

Monday Mugs

I hope everyone had a great weekend! Ours seemed a little hectic, but a lot got done. I hope you will all head over to Oswald Cuties to check out Monday Mugs!

The theme this week is: Then and Now

Lula Mae Then

Lula Mae Now

Jayce Then

Jayce Now
I know Jayce is only 3 months old, but you can still see just how much he has changed! I take tons and tons of pictures. TONS. I am so glad I do though. I enjoy looking through them and seeing just how much my sweet babies have changed. It amazes me to see how fleeting life really is. My babies are growing up so so fast. I feel as though when I blink my kids grow. I love then and now pictures of my babies. They make me smile every single time! Happy Monday everyone!

***Lula Mae refuses to take a picture without Mickey Mouse these days. You may be seeing way more of that lovable mouse. Just so you know ;-) ***


HeatherOz said...

Haha! Lula Mae is so funny! Mickey Mouse! Whatever helps to get them to let you take their picture! I often resort to giving my kids candy so they'll sit still for 5 seconds!
I wish they would just slow the growin' up thing a bit! I just can't stand how fast they grow-up!
You really can see a difference in Jayce's then and now pics. At that age, 3 months makes a big difference!

deepintheheartoftexas2 said...

I think R and Lula Mae have too much in common. Mickey or Minnie goes everywhere with us. Even to church, the mouse stays in the car.
They may have to meet someday.

Good pictures of them.

Beth Zimmerman said...

They are such cuties! I LOVE Lula Mae's curls! :) My son (20) still has those but they aren't as well behaved as hers and he doesn't appreciate them at all!

Kim said...

Thanks for stopping by today! What a sweet family you have. The then and nows are great. I completely agree with you that you blink and they grow.