Saturday, August 7, 2010

In The Words Of Lula Mae

A two year old can think of some off the wall things to say. This morning was priceless. This is how Lula Mae's morning prayer goes "Dear God. Today, in everything I do, help me take each step with you. Help me to learn and play, and listen and obey. Thank you for loving and taking care of me. Amen". After this prayer we pray for other people. Then we thank God for things. Little things, big things, people in our lives. We try to guide her, but we do ask for her opinions and input. This morning I couldn't hold back my laughter.

In the words of Lula Mae
"....and God, thank You for Toy Story"
(said with the straightest face, hands so nicely folded and a voice so angelic)

Our child is such a goof. You gotta love her!


*Crystal* said...

HA! Too cute! Kids say the darnedest things.

LaVonne said...

I love children's prayers. They are the best. My own 2 year old comes up with great prayers too.


J. Tillman said...

She is so cute. I wish we could've stayed a bit closer to see her grow up.

Rachel said...

Absolutely adorable!

p.s. I'm your newest follower, but I hope it worked... your follower widget is down, but I tried another way. Let me know if Itty Bit's mug doesn't show up on your end :)

Mommy Spirit said...

I love kids!!!! My son is turning two also. Right now his favorite word of all time is "Bye." All day long, he says "bye" to me and blows kisses...I just hope he really isn't planning on leaving (lol). I'm now a new follower...I look forward to reading more about Lula Mae!

Beth Zimmerman said...

Well shoot ... Toy Story deserves some gratefulness! :) And that is a precious morning prayer!

Heather said...

Your kid for sure.