Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I Say A Little Prayer For You

Prayer is a big thing for me and I want it to be a part of my kids lives. I want them to never remember not praying. Lula Mae is slowly getting it. We say the same prayer every morning and another prayer every night. Plus, we pray for ever meal and snack. Sometimes it goes smooth. Other times there are a few pops and tears before prayer is over and done with. I know it seems like a contradiction, but I think that Lula Mae needs to obey. If she does not learn to obey Charlie and I, how will she obey God and His commandments? Luckily, she is getting better and better. She knows the prayers we say pretty well now and says them along with us. This thrills me to no end! Getting to this point has been tough, but all the work was worth it. The other night she got very involved and I was so pleased. She began to come up with people she wanted to pray for. We would say "amen" and she would go "Oh and Baby Jayce Mommy". She would put her hands together and say her prayer. It melted my heart. Well, it melted my heart until she said "Uhhhhhh how about....ok Mommy, I pray for the kitchen". Now you are just stalling and trying to keep from going to bed. Prayer is great. But not so great that I want to sit in her room all night and pray for things like the kitchen. I love you Lula Mae and I am glad you are learning to pray, but I have to draw the line somewhere. I'm drawing it at the kitchen. Silly girl!


Emmy said...

They learn how to stall very quickly :)

Regina said...

Obeying is keying, Eden and Ian have had prayer since the beginning as well. When they try to "stall" or pray for something not real--it can be funny but you just say nope let's move along. Eden finally figured if you go on and on it does not work out:-)re

Rachel said...

That is hilarious!

My kiddo has barely learned the stalling thing... thankfully! But he does enjoy our prayer times.

Lula Mae is just too funny!

HeatherOz said...

hee hee! Lula mae is funny! Isn't it so nice when the hard work pays off and your children make you so proud?!