Friday, August 13, 2010

Letters Of Intent

Friday, Friday, Friday is my favorite day! Why? Because that means it's time for Letters of Intent! It really is a big highlight of my week! So, please go and visit Julie and her wonderful blog and read more great letters.

Dear Son,

I love you and I love your toothless smile. You are so incredibly cute! I am so glad you are becoming a happy little boy. Although, could you please not get so happy and smile so much when I am wiping or washing your.... ummmm.... boy parts? Please?!?! It is quite uncomfortable and oh so awkward. It would really be ok if you didn't enjoy that part of your day quite so much.


Your Kinda Freaked Out Momma


Dear Body,

I have been running for like a month now. I'm gonna need you to catch up already! I'm not asking much, just maybe 2 or 3 pounds. Just give me a boost of confidence so I don't feel like I want to give up! Kick that metabolism into gear please! We are going to the beach at the end of September and I don't want to be mistaken for a beached whale. I don't want to look like a super model, I just want to look about 7 pounds lighter and a tad bit toner. Is that too much to ask? I am begging you to WORK WITH ME HERE! Thanks in advance!


The Lady Who Refuses To Put On A Bathing Suit


Dear Eric and Heather,

Don't be mad. We know we totally beasted your scores, but that just gives you a reason to try even harder. We wouldn't want you two to get lazy! We are well aware that you will never let us Wii sit again, and that's ok. It was SO worth it! Heather, you are gonna have a tough time beating my new ski jump score. And you may want to sit down for this one, Charlie beat your score on the adds to 10 one! Yes, the man with the 1.9 GPA (sorry Babe!) beat you at a math game. Uh oh! Now, we left some of your scores. We let you have the flying chicken one... and not because we stink at it... ok yes we stink at it.... but that isn't the point! We just figured we better not wipe you two off the board all together so that perhaps you won't completely hate us. Glad you guys are home! Now, when are you gonna come over and play Monopoly Deal???? We are having withdraws!


The Folks Who Totally Kicked Your Butts While You Were Out Of The Country!

P.S.- I think it is great for you guys to visit Costa Rica (or any other country you want to do a mission trip to) but no moving, ok? I know you love it, but that would really bum me out! Don't you dare move to Costa Rica! You are only allowed to move less than 3 hours it? Love you bunches!


deepintheheartoftexas2 said...

Congrats on beasting their scores.

I think all kids go thru the phase of discovering themselves. Hope it passes soon.

I would love to visit Costa Rica someday.

*Crystal* said...

I always look forward to reading your Letters of Intent. I swear they make me laugh out loud!

Emmy said...

Just wait as he gets bigger...dealing with boys and their private parts is just so much fun ;)

Foursons said...

Don't worry about your son- I think that is just boys. :)

Good luck w/the bathing suit goal. I always tell myself that I may not be the skinniest one, but I'm definitely not the fattest.

Too funny about the Wii scores. Did you get a picture of their reactions?

Thanks for linking up again!

Tiffany said...

Oh man, you make me want to get a Wii so bad!!! Don't tell my husband!

He & Me + 3 said...

I so do not want to do bathing suit season ever. I don't think I have bought a new one in like 8 years. Why because I don't wear the ones I have. :) Baby boy is super cute with that toothless smile.

HeatherOz said...

haha, Jayce!
I just think it is so funny that you beat all their scored!!

rachel... said...

My 5 month old Trevor giggle like a goon when I'm wiping his boy parts! LOL

I have put on a swimsuit exactly two times this summer. And hated every second of it.

Lauren said...

I just wanted to let you know that Eric and I LOVE to read these letters. It is a great way to start of our Friday!! :-)