Thursday, August 26, 2010

Letters Of Intent

Happy Friday! Click on the picture to read more great letters of intent! I am in the middle of Operation Quarantine right now. The Hubster is sick (which never happens) so I am trying desperately to keep the little ones well. Jayce is just too young to deal with respiratory issues! So sorry if this post smells like Clorox wipes!

Dear Dentist,

You are my new best friend! I am so glad you are a good dentist, because the one I had growing up was terrible! So terrible that I was even scared to come to you. You have really proven yourself and I don't think I will be afraid to come to the dentist anymore. I am very glad you felt confident that I could have my filling with no Novocaine. I am sure any other dentist would not have listened to my request like you did. It may have been the fact that I told you I could quite possibly vomit on you if you gave me those shots (yes, you can ask my other dentist about that.... he knows. Although when having 4 permanent teeth pulled you really have no other option but Novocaine!) Still, this was my very first filling and I think you did amazing. The extra high pressure of the laughing gas probably helped out. I really hope I did not say anything crazy while I was completely out of my right mind. I can't clearly remember anything after you telling me "just breathe deep through your nose the whole time...." after that it is all kinda mixed up and blurry. Here's a few things I remember.... trying to figure out what song was on the radio, praying really hard for God to get me through it without vomiting on you, wondering why I was laying on the floor (don't worry, I wasn't, it just felt like it), wondering why you had on orange colored glasses, worrying that I may have had too much gas but I couldn't form words to tell you this or even move my body to signal you, feeling like I had taken the best nap of my life, contemplating just getting laughing gas the next time I have a baby, how it sounded like there was someone drying their hair right beside me.....such strange things! Hopefully I won't be needing any more fillings, but if I do, lets just skip the Novocaine again... just dope me up on the laughing gas!


The Lady Who Hated The Dentist.... Until She Experienced Laughing Gas


Dear Lula Mae,

Thanks for coming along with me to the dentist. You are fantastic support for a 2 year old. I am glad you enjoyed watching Mommy have her teeth cleaned. You really know how to make me laugh telling me "great job Mommy!". You make every single day better! I am so proud of you for sitting in my lap and letting the dentist look at your funny tooth. I think he was surprised at how willing you were to open your mouth. I think we all were actually. I think it is great that you thought the metal pick "tickled". Whatever it takes to make you not terrified of the dentist! You are something else girl. So much braver than your Mommy!


Your Mommy Who Is Thrilled That There Was Nothing Wrong With That Tooth! Whew!


Dear Hubster,

Next time I am feeling blue, could you do me a favor? Could you please do yoga-x? It really makes my day to see you so intensely doing yoga. It could possibly be the best thing since sliced bread. I love you and your yoga doing self!


Your Wife Who Hates Doing Yoga.... But LOVES Watching You Do It!

PS. Don't breath on me, or Lula Mae, or Jayce.... try to hold your breath as much as possible... love you!


Dear Mosquito,

Why? Why in the middle of my forehead? I sure do appreciate it! NOT!


The Lady Looking Like A 3 Eyed Monster.... Who Has Pink Eye In One Eye!


LaVonne said...

I need to write a post about our recent dentist visit. I forgot :)

Always love Letters of Intent!

Foursons said...

Oooohhhh! I need to get me some of that laughing gas. Will they write a prescription for it?

So glad Lula Mae did such a good job for the dentist. She's one brave girl!

I cracked up at the mosquito bite. I have so had one just like that.

Thanks for linking up, I hope hubby gets well quickly and none of the rest of you catch what he has.

deepintheheartoftexas2 said...

Sorry about the mosquito bite you must have the blood for em like me. I had one bite my eyelid once.

It is good to see that Lula loves the dentist. If kids like em, then hopefully the will still like em as adults.

Tiffany said...

Oh my goodness you have had a busy few days! I try to get JJ to do pilates with me, but only for the comedy factor.

Hoping the hubs doesn't get anyone else sick!

Emmy said...

I had laughing gas once it is quite amussing, I think I just giggled a lot. Hope the rest of you stay healthy.

Beth Zimmerman said...

Just the word dentist makes me shudder! Glad you found a good one!

Beth Zimmerman said...

Just the word dentist makes me shudder! Glad you found a good one!

HeatherOz said...

I wondered what that funny smell was! I hope you are successful in getting rid of all the germs! Glad you found a good dentist! For some reason my kids have always been so well behaved at the dentist! The hygenist always rewards them by letting them have rainbow flavored flouride treatments!