Monday, August 2, 2010

Monday Hodgepodge

Go ahead. Spell check it.... hodgepodge is a word! Anyhoo, today I need to just post some random stuff that I have been thinking about. It's just one of those days! I can't focus to actually write a good post, so instead I will just combine all my thoughts into a hodgepodge. Oh it will be a mess I'm sure. So sit back, relax and get ready to be confused!

1) Today I am praying for the New Covenant Costa Rica Mission Trip. I am praying for their safety, unity of the team, their health and their hearts to be open. I know they will do a great job and have a great time. I can't wait to hear the stories when they get back.

2) Last week was an amazing one for Lula Mae's school. We have a little bit of a different routine these days and it seemed to give Lula Mae a boost. She mastered reading these new words: beach, ocean, waves, water, fun, sun, sand, swim, sand, hot, play, crab, octopus, shark. Ok, some of them were review for her, but for the most part they are new. It took her about 3 days to master them. She rocks. We also worked a lot on the weather. She has learned what sunny looks like outside, as well as, cloudy, rainy and partly cloudy. She also became very familiar with the days of the week. She knows most of them reading wise, but can't remember them in order yet. Like I said, it was a pretty big week! She is very enthusiastic about school! I'm very proud!

3) Jayce has started sleeping 11.5 hours at night. Yes, be excited! This is so nice! He is also a very happy boy when he wakes up. He is just like his Mommy. We are both morning people. His reflux seems to have its good days and bad. We have noticed lately that he has some pretty bad eczema though. We are trying to get it under control. I know it has to itch him! He is really getting big quick. In two days he will be 3 months old. But that is a whole other post!

4) I am struggling with a lot of things right now. Guilt, anxiety, exhaustion. Lots of stuff. Luckily our pastor is doing a series right now about fer, anxiety and depression. It has helped a lot. Still, things get tough. I am learning to trust God fully. I want to be a better person, mother, wife, friend, daughter and sister. The only way is to trust HIM. Believe HIM. Use my life to honor HIM. Nothing is too big or crazy for HIM.

5) There are sooooo many projects I want to do around the house. So many things I want to organize or reorganize. So many things I want to go through and donate. So many things I want to clean. Sometimes I get caught up in these things. I am trying to stop. Slowly I am realizing that everything can't get don't right now. Everything doesn't need to get done right now. It may drive me nuts from time to time thinking about all these things, but when I go to bed at night I feel complete. Complete because my day was filled with my children. Filled with memories of my sweet babies that will not stay babies for ever. Yes, the attic is a disaster, the bathrooms are not to my standard of clean, the closet is only half organized.... but my kids got cuddled, kissed, played with, tickled and read to. My relationship with my kids means more to me than a bathroom floor you could eat off of, an attic you could live in or a closet organized to the T. God is working hard on my OCD, and I am thankful. Humbled. My OCD is a part of me and I never pray that God takes it away from me. I only pray that He uses it to make me a better person. A stronger person who needs Him every moment of every day.

6) Today Charlie told me that Sesame Place is an Anheuser-Busch affiliate. You know what that means right? They let military families in for FREE!!!!!! That is my favorite price! We have been to Sea World for free already. We haven't hit Busch Gardens yet, but I'm sure we will at some point. Lula Mae is IN LOVE with Sesame Street though. It's a highlight of her day. She isn't allowed to watch much TV so she really enjoys it. We may be planing a trip!

Well I hope my rambling wasn't too terrible. I know it can be. I mean, I'm confused just writing it all out! What does that tell you? Well, I must go. Nap time seems to fly by these days. I still have a menu to plan, lists to make and a Bible to read! Have a great Monday blogger friends!

I feel as though I must leave you with something positive. So why not a few pictures of my sweet little ones!

Channel surfing

Saying a prayer after school


Ashley InmanRinger said...

Amy, I have been meaning to ask you about Lula May's ( i hope I spelled that right ) school- Are you useing a home school program? How are you setting up the lesson plannings, and topics?

Emmy said...

So jealous about the 11.5 hours!! Is that completely straight or are their feedings in the night?

HeatherOz said...

I enjoyed your rambling! Especially #5!!

LaVonne said...

I like the hodgepodge (isn't that a brand of craft stuff?), especially #4. Oh, and the prayer picture? Too cute!


Regina said...

Love the pics and definitely the hodgepodge:-)