Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Jayce! What's The Matter?

Saturday we took the kids to the zoo. We don't have a zoo in our town, so we drove to Columbia to visit the Riverbanks Zoo. Plus, it was rainy and nasty on our town and we wanted to get away! Columbia was nice and sunny! Before we went into the zoo we had a picnic lunch in the back of our van (since the zoo doesn't allow you to bring food in... because they want you to buy there $10.00 burger that is made of who knows what!). We had the back seat laid down, threw out and old comforter and enjoyed our sandwiches in the nice air conditioned van! It was nice! Lula Mae, being the animal lover that she is, had an amazing time at the zoo. She talked to all the animals, walked around like such a big girl, and listened beautifully. She rode the carousel with Daddy and thought that was fantastic. She even petted the goat. Lula Mae kept saying "it's a perfect day!". And it was.

Except the car ride.

Jayce does not mind his car seat. He just hates the car. A lot. Unless I am sitting in the back seat behind him so that he can see me. Apparently he thinks he is all alone in the van unless he can see someone. Completely understandable though, I have text books that will prove that it is a normal stage. Lula Mae, being the caring big sister that she can be from time to time, kept saying "Jayyyyyyyce, whats the matter buddy? It's ok! Don't be sad!". Unfortunatley that was not quite comforting enough for him. I sure hope he grows out of this before his 1st birthday. If not it is going to be a looooooooong trip to Orlando!

I think the moral of this story is that kids are so incredibly different. We all know that, but sometimes it sticks out way more in our minds. Lula Mae was such a traveler. We took her to Arkansas at 4 months old (from South Carolina) then Orlando for her first Disney trip at 7 months old, Orlando again at 12 months old for her birthday celebration at Disney world, and then Orlando again at 16 months old for yet another Disney trip (yes, we love Disney World... a lot.... we save very hard to go on lots of trips.... and someday, when we are old, we will work there!) She traveled great. She loves the car. She loves to be on the go. Seeing new things and doing fun stuff with us is a joy for her. I am very worried that Jayce will not be so joyful. He seems to be way too much like me. I don't want him to be a homebody... but it looks as though he may. I love him all the same! He is perfect just the way God made him! He may be fussier in the car than Lula Mae, but he sure naps better than she ever did at this age!!! Funny how 2 kids from the same parents can be soooooo different!


Tiffany said...

I know what you mean! We have three that look alike but are completely different. And I remember Violet going throught the "car rides are from Satan and I hate Mommy for this" stage. It will pass with Jayce too. He may end up being a homebody, but that same quietness can be a great comfort to those in pain. I know, I married a quiet one.

And it totally stinks that the zoo doesn't allow your own food! It seriously has to be the only one with that rule. I have never seen that!

Emmy said...

Just wait as they get bigger, the differences will really show :). I have a niece who used to strain ageist the straps in her car seat, until she was two!

Anonymous said...

Our zoo allows food although yours sounds nicer. I have seen kids be such opposites.

R is just starting to hate her carseat, she liked it previously.

Together We Save said...

So glad you had a nice time at the zoo. I love your daughter's name. Mae is a family name for us, my oldest daughters middle name.