Monday, November 30, 2009

Parenting with God

God put me on this earth to be a Mommy, I know this with all of my heart! Charlie and I are so blessed to have a very sweet daughter. As sweet as she is, she can be quite a handful, just like any child can. There are days when I start to feel frustrated and I tell myself "MOMMY needs a time out... not Lula Mae". It is not her fault that I am frustrated, it is mine! Many times children misbehave and fuss because they don't know any other way to express themselves. How much would an adult misbehave and fuss if we were running around in another country asking for a drink and no one understood us? VERY! I have been trying very hard to parent the way that God would want me to, purely and for His glory! I can feel God telling me when I need to step back, take a breath and pray. I pray for His help in understanding what my daughter needs and patience with myself. I also pray that he will teach her patience as well (I truly don't think that patience can necessarily be "taught" like the ABC's or 123's). I don't want to be a parent that yells and spanks. I want my children to learn self control and obedience, but I don't want to scare it into them. God helps me each day to build Lula Mae into a wonderful child! He gives me strength and understanding! I am so blessed to be a Mommy! Charlie and I are very blessed to have God to help us parent!

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