Saturday, November 7, 2009

God's Reason For My Life

God created woman to be a companion to man and to give life to God. This beautiful face is why I am here on this earth. God picked Charlie and I to be parents to this precious child. We are raising her for Him, not for us. We are so blessed to have her! We pray that every decision we make for her is the right one. We want to please God with her life! I thank God each and every day for giving us this amazing gift!

This is what I gave Charlie while we were eating dinner in the Magic Kingdom in September. Yep, we are being blessed with another miracle in May! The funny thing is that my estimated due date is on Lula Mae's birthday (May 14th). I love my life as a Mom and am so glad that God picked us to raise another beautiful child. I hope that we can do a good job raising this baby for God too. It will be very sad for Charlie to leave right after the baby is born, but God will be there to guide me. God knows the plan he has for us! We are so excited to be parents again!

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Heather said...

You are raising a whole bunch of world-changers for Jesus!