Thursday, December 3, 2009

High Expectations

I believe that if you expect great things, you will get great things! Especially when it comes to children. Charlie and I have been discussing our family a lot lately (possibly because in a few short months it will be growing). We are both very open about how we parent, and we really are in the same boat. I can't imagine trying to parent with someone who was not seeing eye to eye with me... that would be very tough, if not impossible! Charlie and I don't care if our children are rich or famous someday, or if they become the president, a doctor, a lawyer or a an ambassador! Our goal as parents isn't to pick their future for them. We feel that our job is much more important than that! God has a plan for our Children, just like He does for us! Charlie and I want to raise children who love God and want to do things for His glory. We want our children to have good values and beliefs that no one will ever make them question. We want our children to think of other people before they think of themselves. We want our children to be good listeners with open hearts and minds. We want our children to understand that family should be a top priority. We want our children to be true to themselves and others. We want our children to be kind, loving and generous. Sometimes I wonder if we want too much for our children. At the same time I truly believe that if we hold these high standards to our children, they will strive to meet them. Someday I hope to look at all of my children and feel as though we have done a good job for God. He has given us so much and I want to be able to feel as though we have given him something in return!

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