Thursday, November 19, 2009

Remembering To Pray

I pray several times a day. Sometimes it is for little things like patience and sometimes it is for big things like good health and safety for my family. I have to keep myself in check sometimes though. Do you ever feel like you pray only when things are not going great, or when people are hurt or sick? Why is it harder to pray when things are going so great in your life? I struggled with this for a very long time. On the day that my daughter was born my entire life changed. I started to really understand how and why I needed to change. I use to get "mad" at God for things that happened in my life. I tell myself that I need to be thankful to God for some of the bad things that happen in my life. Now I know that He has a plan and I have ultimate faith in Him. Now, I remind myself each day that I need to thank God for sending his Son to die on the cross for my sins. He made the ultimate sacrifice for us! I am very far from perfect and God knows that. I pray each day that I am raising my family in the way that God would want me to. I hope to teach my children to pray no matter how hard or easy life seems at the time. Prayer should not seem like a chore, it should be like a hobby. I am so thankful that God has helped me change! Now prayer is a hobby for me and I hope that for my children!

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