Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Who Needs A Laugh?

Got like 5 min. to spare? Then you must watch this!

Not saying I would have done this at my wedding, but I would really enjoy being invited to one of them! I mean even if you are super traditional, you can't say that doesn't look like the funnest wedding ever!!!!

I have recently learned of my husbands pretty-darn-close-to-a-love-affair with the Thriller video. I am pretty sure he would have been game for doing this.....

I'm too young for all the Micheal Jackson hoopla. And that just tears me apart (insert sarcasm here).

I just wanted to swing dance at my wedding. When you go to theater competitions in high school there is always, and I mean ALWAYS a swing dancing workshop. Needless to say I took several of them and I just loved it! Swing dancing is one time where being very tiny is a huge plus. The smaller you are, the higher the guy can toss you. But alas, there was just too much dress for all that when we got married. Oh well, there is still the vow renewal.... better yet we may just bust it out at one of our kids weddings. That is sure to go over well.

If this didn't make you smile then you may need to check your pulse, just saying ;-)


Brandi said...

HA! Not traditional, but completely fun!!! I bet the reception was CAH-razy! lol!

Emmy said...

I swung dance with my dad for the daddy daughter dance, no flips- though Eric tosses me around like crazy when we swing dance.

Rachel said...

I would have TOTALLY done this at our wedding - if I'd thought of it first! :)

And I was so desperate to learn swing dance, that I talked my sister into taking it with me. Yeah... she never forgave me for making her be the guy.

HOW FUN! I think you guys should put your own video together of you guy swing dancing!