Friday, August 19, 2011

Break It Up

Lately, my blog has been pretty serious. Our lives go through seasons, and right now our season has been a bit serious. So to break up all this serious mess I thought I would bring you a nice uplifting post, because lets face it.... we could all use one.

One of Lula Mae's new things to say to me is..... "But give me a because Mommy!"
Basically she has reached that all to fun stage of "But why?".... gotta love it! Well, when I say "Because sweetie." she likes to come back with "But give me a because Mommy!" What can I say, the girl wants to know every.last.thing ... she is an information junky ;-)

Evey now and then you take a picture that you just know is a keeper. It's a picture that you know someday your kids will hang their heads and say "Mom did you really do that to me? You were terrible parents you know that right?". And when Jayce sees this picture he is sure to say that, and much more....

And I will be rolling on the floor laughing in hysterics.

Lula Mae has once again shown me how much of my OCD she has inherited.

She made all of her figured take a nap the other day. She was sure to make all the Toy Story figures nap together and all of the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse figures nap together.

For the record, we don't just put Jayce in a wig all the time. He loves to play with Lula Mae's dress up stuff sometimes. Tell me he is going to turn out normal? Right?


Michelle Hoad said...

My online friend Emmy wanted me to stop by and say hi. I have a son who is gluten free, but also casein free. My sister does too and she has a website dedicated to this type of diet. She just started an online support group chat also. If you have any questions at all, or just want to vent, I'm here to listen. If it weren't for my sister who had gone through the transition with her son before me, I would have gone bonkers. Her website is My name is Michelle if you have any questions. And by the way, Now that we have gone through the tough part, I am extremely glad we have changed his diet. He is a totally different boy.

Emmy said...

Totally okay- and yes that picture is definitely a keeper! I have a nephew that always had to have his toys lined up just right and everything in order and he is one of the smartest little kids I know.
@thanks Michelle :)

Tiffany said...

Ok. I am now caught up on your posts. Sheesh, I have missed a lot! So glad Jayce is doing well on the gluten-free diet! And I think he looks fabulous.

BTW, we dressed my cousin up till he was 16, and he turned out just fine.

Rachel said...

Girlie... your kids aren't going to turn out fine... they ARE fine. Perfectly normal and fun kids!