Tuesday, August 2, 2011

School And Such

Now that Jayce does not take a morning nap, school for Lula Mae is more difficult. I find myself doing more "learning as we go" during the day than before. Which that is not a bad thing, just different for us. At night when Daddy gets home we find time for our school time together. We do our board work and sometimes and activity too. I can't lie, it was much easier when I had an entire hour or so early in the day to focus on Lula Mae. I refuse to let the fact that it is "harder" now stop me from one of Lula Mae's favorite things. School. She asks for it all day, talks about it all the time, refers to it non stop.... she is just a little nerd :-) I just love her love of learning! I pray that she keeps this love forever. It can really take her far!

Wondering what we are doing in school lately? Well, we are doing addition, patterns, blends, bible verse memorization, Catechisms, cutting, gluing, math workbooks, more advanced reading.... and so much more! She amazes me more and more each day. I can't believe how smart she is sometimes! She is quite a deep little 3 year old and I am so proud of her!

And in Jayce's world things are crashing and burning. Or so he seems to think anyway. Quite a while back we took his pacifier... cold turkey. Yep, that's how we do things around here. Mean old fashioned parents ;-) Anyway, the other day at our neighbors house Jayce found their daughters pacifier. It just happened to be his paci of choice. He came walking out with it and when we called his name..... he turned around and ran as though he had stolen a car! When we took it away he was mad. He was very, very mad. That night, he cried for an hour when we laid him down. Needless to say he was still very, very mad. And then today, he found Lula Mae's baby doll pacifier. What do you think he did? He took it and hid in a corner in Lula Mae's room and sucked on it until I finally found him! Again, he was mad when I took it. Very, very mad. Sigh. So the poor child has not been "weaned" from the pacifier like 3 times. I am not sure why he is torturing himself like this. Jayce is not the happiest little guy these days, but we are praying better days are soon to come. Praying really, really hard actually.


Emmy said...

We didn't use a pacifier with Lucas but we did with Alex and we had the mami fairy come and exchange a teddy bear- a new lovey- but she was over two by the time we finally did it :)

So awesome at how well Lula Mae does with school

Rachel said...

Love what a good student Lula Mae is!

And I am so glad we dodged the pacifier bullet! Never wanted to give one to Itty Bit, but those tyrant nurses tried... and he spit 'em out every.blessed.time.

Which also meant that he was semi-attached to me 22 hours of each day, ha!

Hoping Jayce figures out a new lovey soon!