Monday, August 8, 2011

A Little More Progress

As time goes by, more things on our big "to do" list get accomplished. Which I am glad of that because my family is celebrating Christmas together at our house this year. Therefor I would like for as much of 1992 to be removed before then. Here are a few before and after photos for you. Sorry the lighting is horrible in the second one.... hey, it happens.

Let me point out a few of the changes we have made so far:
*Boarder removed in kitchen above chair rail
*Removed the plastic shutters off of the dining room windows
*New carpet
*An actual piece of furniture under the TV
*TV wires hidden in the wall (way to go Hubster and Eric on that one)
*New light hanging above table (hard to tell in the picture, more on that project soon)
*Vertical blinds have been removed and new curtains put up.

And that is just the living/dining room! Boy it seems like a lot now that I write it out.... wow. I have also been changing out little details. All of these dated gold knobs have been replaced...

...with these brushed aluminum ones. Much better! I have also gone through the entire house replacing the beige light switches with nice white ones. All of the non matching switch covers plates are now white as well, which really makes things look more uniformed and put together.

It is amazing to me what a big difference all these little details have made. Somehow, it feels... cleaner... call me crazy! I am excited to be nearing the end of our updates. It will be nice to just live here. This place is feeling so much more like home :-)


Beth Zimmerman said...

I love brushed aluminum! Some day! And yes ... those little things add up big time!

Emmy said...

Love it! Love love your curtains

Heather said...

gosh those are nice curtains ;)

Jenn Earle said...

Love it Amy! We finally finished our master bedroom but those little details that you mention like our door knobs and light switches need to still be replaced. I am sure it will make a difference but for now the paint and the new floor has changed the room completely!