Thursday, August 4, 2011

Letters Of Intent

It's Friday which means it is time to link up with the wonderful Julie at Foursons and her Letters Of Intent! Head on over to read more great letters!

Dear Lula Mae,Link

A police man is a very helpful guy. Helpful in times of emergencies. Just in case you are wondering.... needing candy is never a good reason to call 9-1-1, just for future reference. Not an emergency at all my dear. Not even in a perfect world.


Your Mommy Who Was Glad You Were Using A Toy Phone


Dear 9-1-1 Dispatch,

I just want to apologize in advanced for any number of "emergency" calls my daughter makes. She is really excited about the fact that you can "help" her.... perhaps too excited. Who would have thought teaching a three year old about calling 9-1-1 would bring on such stress? Again, I am sorry. I promise I will work on defining "emergency" with her.


"That" Mom


Dear Netflix,

I have a few suggestions for you, concerning your streaming to be exact. If you could make one, or all, of the following series available:

*I Love Lucy
*Gilligan's Island
*I Dream Of Jeannie
*Happy Days
*The Brady Bunch

Now that I have finished watching Roseanne, That 70's Show and am well on my way to finishing Scrubs I will soon be needing a new show to watch. I am not thrilled with the selection you have right now. I mean how many different Power Rangers shows and movies are really necessary? I would really love to end my day with a happy go lucky episode from some of my favorite classic TV shows.


A Sucker For Old TV Shows


Brandi said...

Hey, needing candy could definitely qualify as an emergency. LOL. ;)

I love Netflix, but I wish their search thing was more user friendly. We spend more time looking for something to watch than anything else. :)

Foursons said...

Oh my gosh, I am cracking up over calling 911 because you are out of candy. That TOTALLY sounds like an emergency to me! As a matter of fact, I was having just such an emergency last night and was forced to make some peanut butter and chocolate chip brownies. They're all gone now. :(

I don't have Netflix but I sure have heard a lot of complaints about them lately. That company needs to do some serious rethinking of their new policies.

Thanks for linking up, you're FIRST!

Emmy said...

Oh phew! As I started reading the 911 one I thought she really did it. That would have probably made the dispatchers day :). But yes, good it was a toy phone.

Rachel said...

Girl, you KNOW that a real 911 call like that would have made the international news. I mean, you wouldn't want to rob Lula Mae of her 15 minutes of fame now, would you? ;)

And Netflix is not my friend. Many of the movies (dvd and streaming) are not captioned. Or they'll start playing for Itty Bit, and suddenly the sound goes totally wacky. Then I get a lovely email from them saying "how was your movie???"

And they just raised prices. Again.

Sorry, mini rant over.

Hope the kiddos are feeling much better!

Sarah said...

Oh Lula Mae! Did she really call to ask for candy? That's hilarious!

Marice said...

Calling 911 for candies? How cute! heheh I agree with Rachel, that should have been caught in the act and uploaded :)

have a great week!