Friday, April 8, 2011

My New Devotional

These days I am reading a lot. Well, not really a lot... but for someone like me who never reads (hangs head in shame) it is a lot. I have told you about 2 of my books (my chronological Bible and The New Strong Willed Child by Dr. James Dobson), but I don't think I have told you about my devotional. This year I am reading "The Love Dare: Day by Day" by Stephen and Alex Kendrick. When I find a page that really hits home for me in a devotional, I dog ear the page. Hey, it's my book I can do what I want to with it. There is a little bit of a problem though. I have dog eared the last 14 days worth.... oh yeah, it's that good!

I have a wonderful relationship with my husband, but we are far from perfect. This book is really speaking multitudes to my heart. After each devotional there is either a "go deeper" section that gives you a few verses to look up and study pertaining to that particular devotional. Or some days have a thought provoking question that helps you look at your own heart and examine it. Also, each week there is a "dare". Most of the dares are prayers you can pray for yourself or your spouse. Although some of the dares are actions that you can strive to do for your spouse everyday that week.

I am just loving this book. Loving! Here is just a peak into one of my dog eared pages...

Love Rejoices in the Lord

"Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again: Rejoice!" Philippians 4:4

.....Maintaining a joyfulness of spirit is simply too important to ignore. The Key here is rejoicing "in the Lord", who holds time and circumstances in His hand. Regardless of what's wrong around you, you can always rejoice in God's love, the gift of salvation, and the hope of heaven.
No matter how challenging your life has become, you can inject a welcome, needed element into your home and marriage by seeking things to be joyful about. Worry cannot remain when it's being constantly overshadowed by rejoicing.

Questions: What is the track record of worry in your life? How often have things you have worried about failed to happen? Compare this to God's track record of faithfulness. Who should you trust in the future?

So good! And this is only a peak!

If you need a good devotional to help strengthen yourself and your marriage, you should look into this one. It has even helped me in my parenting. I may read this devotional for 2 years because I just don't think it will get old.


Michelle said...

That's a great page to dog-ear! Thanks for posting and have a good weekend!

Rachel said...

That was such a timely encouragement.

The past 24 hours has rocked our world and I kept coming back to how God is still in charge.

Thanks for sharing this.