Thursday, April 28, 2011

I Didn't....

...Set my phone up to receive weather alerts via text message and then sleep through all 10 alerts regarding the horrible storms last night. (And Mother of The Year award goes to.... ME!)

... Turn down Jayce's monitor this morning when he woke up about an hour a head of schedule and keep on sleeping.

...Sneak a tiny Hershey's Kiss this morning for breakfast even though I am trying to fit into my shorts for vacation.

... rip an obscene amount of hair out of my daughters hair trying to get the insanely huge knot out of her tangled mess of curls.

...Cut the knot out of her hair.

...Have to even out her hair after cutting the knot.

...drastically shorten my sweet little girls hair.

Okay, yes.... yes I did.

What a morning!

FYI: Jayce took his first couple of steps to his daddy yesterday! I missed it :-( Fortunately there are many more steps to come!


Beth Zimmerman said...

Sorry Amy! I have to admit that I laughed a little (with you) though! I would have slept too and Hershey's kisses sound like an awesome breakfast! :)

Emmy said...

Hey if they wake up too early and are happy and not crying then some alone time doesn't hurt anything :)

Rachel said...

Sounds like you needed those extra winks :) And I agree with Emmy - if he was happy, he probably could use some time entertaining his cute self. (I, on the other hand, am terrified that I'll ever sleep through not hearing my kiddo cry, haha!)

Glad you were safe from the weather!