Monday, June 14, 2010

Lula Mae's School Update

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I finally got a few videos of Lula Mae doing some of her "school". (By the way, school is going very well! I can't wait to really start home schooling this little girl!) It has been tough to get these videos for a number of reasons...1) we just had a baby so we are quite busy around here 2) Lula Mae is obsessed with the video camera and can't focus well when it is on 3) Lula Mae has been going through a phase of not wanting to answer anything I ask her in an audible tone (which is quite frustrating at times) 4) as all parents know, as soon as you try to video tape your child doing something amazing they won't do it... then you put the camera away and the do fantastic! None the less, we finally got a few clips! Nothing too impressive but I'm happy to share any progress that Lula Mae makes in school! I know she can do much better than this, but she still did a great job! I didn't get any clips of her doing her list of just random words (she can now read over 130 words! Go Lula Mae!), but that will come another day! Sorry if the volume is low! Enjoy! And as you watch this remind yourself that she just turned 2 years old :-) Opps, pardon my bragging....again!

Homemade Learning Toys
(Flash Cards)

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Heather said...

This kid is too much.
Good job Lula Mae, we are proud of you!

Regina said...

love the videos!!!! Way to go Amy--Lula will certainly go far in this world:-)

Our Family said...

Wow! Great job! She is so cute- & your little baby too!