Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Jayce Is Here!

Jayce Moreland Bell
May 4, 2010
8:41 am
7 Lbs
19 3/4 inches

Jayce's journey started on Monday when I went to the doctor for my 38 week appointment. Dr. Erickson told me that I was 4 cm and 100% thinned out. He stripped my membranes and told me that he would probably be seeing me within the next day or so. He was right! By 1:00pm I was contracting mildly, and by 4:00pm they were still coming. They were still 5 minuets apart so I wasn't sure labor was really starting or not. Well, since my labor went so fast with Lula Mae we figured we better head to the hospital just in case. By 4:45pm we were settled into our room and put on the monitors. I was contracting every 2 to 3 minuets, but was still only 4.5 cm. So Charlie and I walked.... and walked... and walked! My contractions were great (longer, stronger, closer) but my cervix still hadn't changed. I knew it wasn't going to change unless my water broke and I kept telling them that. I told them that once my water broke it would go really fast... just had to wait for it to break! Well, we settled in for the night (after walking around the hospital countless times) around 2:00am. Even though my contractions were not hurting to the point of needing the epidural, I opted to go ahead and get it at 6:30am. One thing that made me get it even though I was managing my pain well was the thought of tearing again. My 4th degree tear with Lula Mae was a very painful experience and I wanted to avoid it if possible. Plus, I loved the anesthesiologist that was on call (by love I mean trusted) and I knew she would be getting off soon so I figured getting the epidural at that point was my best option. Dr. Erickson came in and checked me at 7:30am and I was still 5 cm! I told him things weren't going to progress until my water broke, so he went ahead and broke it for me. I had TONS of fluid! Dr. Erickson was amazed at the amount of fluid! (This is where the story gets fun!) Ok, so 7:30am he broke my 8:20am I started feeling pressure and was ready to be checked. I was 10 cm and ready to push! I went from 5 cm to 10 cm in less than an hour! At 8:30am I started to push! I pushed through 2 contractions with my nurse (a total of 5 pushes) and then Dr. Erickson walked in the room and they started to set up for delivery. I pushed through one contraction for Dr. Erickson (just 2 pushes) and Jayce was born at 8:41am! So from the time my water broke to the time Jayce was born was and hour and 10 minuets.... I told them once my water broke it would go quick! My delivery was amazing! Jayce was beautiful! I can not tell you how much I love having babies! Not only was my delivery amazing, but my recovery has been fantastic! My pain is nothing basically and I feel fantastic! God's grace is amazing! I am so thankful for a such a wonderful labor and delivery!


Sarah said...

I'm so glad everything went well with your labor and delivery. That's great that your labor was so short! And praise God for a great recovery! :-)

*Crystal* said...

Congrats! He is So HANDSOME! I'm glad everything went well fo you and that you and the baby are both healthy. Now if only my little one would come along. (I'm due Saturday!) I'm a FTM and I was wondering if stripping the membranes really hurts all that bad?

Amy said...

When he stripped my membranes it was uncomfortable but not really painful. Its just a very intense exam really. Not too bad!

Regina said...

Amy congrats!!!! I wish i could be there to hold the little guy--what a cutie. We will continue to pray for you, Charlie and the kiddos!!! Way to go chica!!!!prade