Friday, May 21, 2010

Are We Done Adjusting Yet?

Are we? Please tell me we will be soon! I know Jayce is only a little over 2 weeks old, but I really need the adjustment period to be over. I love my little girl so very much... why does she wait until I am feeding her brother to disobey me? When he is not eating she is great. She plays well, uses her manners and listens beautifully.... then the bottle gets to warming.... and there is a terrible shift in the atmosphere of our condo. Oh yes, it is that bad. She runs, she screams, she throws, she back talks and I am certain that she sticks cotton balls in her ears so she can't hear me.... who is this child and what has she done with Lula Mae? .... I am assuming that she is just testing the waters. Hopeful I guess would be a better word, I am HOPEFUL that she is just testing the waters. It just blows my mind that she can turn it on and off in an instant. She has always been such a sweet, good little girl and I hate to see her act this way. I am praying with her and for her constantly. I know it is all going to smooth out at some point.... can you just tell me that we are close to that point, please????????????????????? Can't say that I am not just a tad bit overwhelmed during feeding times though.....


Regina said...

there is no real adjusting--she feels you are ignoring her even though you really aren't. For us major time outs and pops on the butt had eden understand that that kind of negative behavior only produces negative results--hope this helps-:-)Gina

Heather said...

You are doing great!
Children aren't perfect, just like adults. The ultimate balance between giving her grace and still disciplining is a hard road.

Praying daily for you!