Monday, May 31, 2010

200 Challenge: May

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May has been quite a month! I gave birth to a healthy baby boy, celebrated my 3 year wedding anniversary with my amazing husband, celebrated my wonderful daughters 2nd birthday, and enjoyed my second Mother's Day. We have been a bit busy, to say the least! Even though it has been busy, it has been so much fun! I love where God is leading me! What a life! We have amazing family and friends who have brought us meals which has helped out grocery budget A LOT! During my first 2 week trip I spent $87.08. Not too bad! I was worried that having to buy lots of lunch stuff for Charlie and I would bump up our total much more than usual. Charlie had 10 days of leave after Jayce was born and then took a few extra days on top of that (he was home a total of 17 days :-) which was a HUGE help to me!) so lunches would be our biggest change for the month. Luckily it didn't change anything! On our second grocery trip I spent $79.97 which was really good since I went to Food Lion instead of Aldi. I got tons of good deals with the sales they had and coupons! Probably one of the most rewarding trips I have taken in quite some time! That brings our grand total to $167.05. I'm very happy with that after the overage we had in April! We are +$32.95 for the month which feels so much better than being in the negative. I hope that I can keep up the good work in June! With a new baby, a busy 2 year old, lots of house work, Family time and tons of other things I need to get done... I won't be posting a menu this month! You can be sure though that it will include lots of quick and simple meals! Good Luck in June ladies! Can't wait to see how everyone else did this month!

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the Spocks said...

I am assuming your husband is in the military what branch. We have so many friends and family members that are serving or served. Happy Memorial Day.

For meal planning I suggest using E-mealz they are great.

Amy said...

Thanks for the suggestion! I haven't found one that is that easy to use yet! I like it a lot!

My husband works full time in the national guard. He has been through 2 deployments and his unit will be deployed again in a few months. We are crossing our fingers that we have good news coming our way about this deployment (concerning him at least). Happy Memorial Day to you too!