Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Peace And Quiet

"It's so nice and quite. I have really gotten a lot done in here (the kitchen)."

And then it dawns on me that I have a 20 month old.....

As I sneak into the playroom to check on Lula Mae I find my little girl sitting in her chair reading a book. Then I turn my head ever so slightly to the right.....

...only to find this!

Yes, a quiet toddler (especially our toddler!) is never a good sign. Lula Mae had very diligently taken every toy (with the exception of a select few) out of her toy box. It looks like a lot of toys, but we have a rule in our house: one toy box full. Now this does not include two or three of her larger toys that are stored on a shelf, but for the most part if the toy box gets full it's time to go through toys! Although when your little girl empties the contents of her toy box all of the playroom floor it makes you second guess your theory!

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