Monday, February 15, 2010

200 Challenge: February

Our Menu

2/15: Out to Eat (buy one get one free coupon for Ruby Tuesday's)
2/16: Chicken quesadilla pizza
2/17: Shrimp, pasta salad
2/18: Brinner (biscuits and gravy)
2/19: Date Night!!!
2/20: Chili, corn bread
2/21: Asian Chicken Dinner
2/22: Left Overs
2/23: Pigs in a blanket, tator tots, baked apples
2/24: Cheesy chicken and rice, veggie
2/25: Zesty chicken, potatoes Au gratin, veggie
2/26: Left Overs
2/27: Baked potato soup, rolls
2/28: Brinner (pancakes, sausage)

Several of these meals are things that I need to use out of my pantry, which will cut down on our total cost this month. Also, we typically would not have two out to eat nights like this, but since Charlie has been gone for 3 weeks we are going on a nice date night :-) We have used the Ruby Tuesday's coupon before and spent right at $12.00 for both of us to eat (after tip) so it is well worth it for us to use that coupon and enjoy a night without cooking! I shopped at Aldi first and got all but a few things on my list (Yay!) and our total was $58.71. I got the other items at Wal-Mart and spent $19.62. Charlie was gone the first 2 weeks of February so I spent $51.73 on things for me to eat and stocked up on Charlie's Diet Mountain Dews for the month while they were on sale. I am guessing that we will need to go to the store one more time to get milk before the month is up, but our total for this month so far is $130.06. Looks like we will make it under budget this month! Good thing too because Charlie needed a new battery for his car so it will more than cover that. I will update my post with my final total on March 1st! Can't wait to see how we all did this month!


Lauren said...

Your menu looks yummy!! Looks like you are doing great on this challenge. I will post how I did at the end of the month.

Sarah said...

This is great! Looks like you are doing an amazing job! I would love to know the recipe for Chicken Quesadilla Pizza...sounds really interesting.