Thursday, December 31, 2009

Another Year Has Come And Gone

2009 has been a very eye opening year for me personally. Watching my daughter grow and change has been beyond amazing this year! She has gone from being a cute little baby to a smart little toddler. This year I went from being a mother of one to an expecting mother of one. I have gone from liking the thought that God will take care of us no matter what to KNOWING and truly BELIEVING that God is taking care of us no matter what! My spiritual life has grown the the most this year. I hope that this growth will continue each and every year of my life! Looking back at this year brings nothing but good thoughts to mind. It really has been a great year for Charlie, Lula Mae and I. I am very excited to see what 2010 will bring. It's going to bring us a son which is great! It is also going to bring us one step closer to financial freedom! We will be paying off 2 debts this year! Praise God! 2 debts! As amazing as those things are, this year will also bring us a deployment for Charlie. Even though the deployment is coming we are still positive about what God has in store of us! I pray that God brings everyone a wonderful new year!

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