Saturday, August 15, 2009

Lyrics That Mean Something

I love to listen to music for all kinds of reasons! I think one of the main reasons though is to find some type of comfort. Lyrics have helped me stay positive and get through so many things in my life. Each week I will try to post lyrics to a different song. Each song will have a special meaning to me and I hope that you enjoy reading them!

*This week I have chosen a song that I love to listen to all the time! It kinda goes along with why I named my blog "A Small Gate With A Narrow Road". My life has been amazing ever since I heard my calling from God! This song is so uplifting and I hope you enjoy it!
I Heard My Savior Calling Me

There was a great revival in our little country church
People came from miles around to hear about God's word
anointed in the spirit you could feel it in the air
My life was changed that night as I bowed my head in prayer

I heard my Savior calling me
on that blessed night I fell down on my knees
Well I raised my hands to Jesus pure faith has set me free
Praise God I see the light my Saviors calling me

I'm so thankful for a Savior who would make the sacrifice
In a selfless loving gesture giving us eternal life
Yes an offer for the taking listen with an open heart
It's a choice that's up to you, hear the Savior calling too

(Chorus Repeats)

Praise God I see the light I heard my Savior calling me

Want to hear this song?

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